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The Reverend Roland C. Cloutier Welcomes You to All Saints Catholic Church

All Saints Parish in Somersville, Connecticut is committed as a faith-filled community to meet the spiritual and temporal needs of those we encounter in all ministries of our faith. Through prayer, sacramental life and works of charity, in love and obedience to God, the Lord of all life. All Saints stands ready to proclaim the Good News in word, sacrament, and service to all.

All Saints Church is yoked with St. Edward Church in Stafford Springs, CT. Click here to link to the Saint Edward website.

As a new Mass schedule is considered for our yoked parishes, please provide your input by taking the following short Mass schedule survey.

If you know of anyone who is hospitalized or homebound and would like to receive the Eucharist, please contact the rectory office.

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Jesus’ invitation to follow him is a call that defines who we are, how we live, and what we believe. It is the call to change our lives; the call that attracts us, challenge, redeems us. Being a follower of Christ is not a solitary act; it is about celebrating Christ’s life, death, and resurrection in community and in communion. And so, we gather as believers, in community to share our love for God, our love for one another, and our passion for the Gospel message. We proclaim what we believe, and we lift our eyes to a miracle: God in a piece of consecrated and elevated bread. The body of Christ is uplifted, and so are we.


My dear friends in Christ,

For over forty years the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) has utilized “Catholic Education Week” to bring the good news of Catholic Schools to the attention of the nation. This year, the seven days inclusive of Sunday, January 25 and Saturday, January 31, 2015, will be utilized by our schools and parishes to share information, answer questions and provide opportunities to visit our schools in order to help parents form and shape good decisions about the education of their children in our Catholic Schools.

The current theme for Catholic Education Week is Faith, Knowledge, Service. Children leaving our schools will be deep in their faith, strong in their knowledge and prepared to live a life that gives service to those in need. In the best of all worlds, every Catholic would want this for his/her children.

As your bishop, I am writing to you in support of Catholic Education Week, anticipating that your pastor, as well as our Catholic school principals, teachers, parents and students will share with you the value of our Catholic schools through a variety of meaningful communications. I encourage all parents to explore and choose our schools to partner with them and their parish to provide for the moral development of their children.

More specifically, in this very complex and materialistic world we live in, every week should be Catholic Education Week so that the re-occurring theme of Faith, Knowledge, Service resonates consistently through your parish community with leadership from your pastor. Our children need: a school that brings to light and life every day each child’s prayerful nature; a school that provides a Gospel-based religion program that demonstrates how to live a Christian life; and, a school that shows how to live a sacramental life that will carry into adulthood. Today’s young people are the future of our Catholic Church. Christian life and values cannot be lost to television, movies and the internet. I believe Catholic schools are the best educational option and if finances are a concern, they should not be an impediment to enrollment. Financial aid is available to families that need tuition assistance.

As parish communities across the diocese, please join me in weekly prayer that parents, as they model a Christian life for their children, are open to this message and consider a faith formation school for their children that will help them find salvation through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Sincerely yours in Christ, Michael R. Cote, Bishop of Norwich





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All Saints Catholic Church is a Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Norwich CT and is located in the Somersville section of the beautiful town of Somers, Connecticut. All are welcome to join us in worship as we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and may God bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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