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The Reverend Roland C. Cloutier Welcomes You to All Saints Catholic Church

All Saints Parish in Somersville, Connecticut is committed as a faith-filled community to meet the spiritual and temporal needs of those we encounter in all ministries of our faith. Through prayer, sacramental life and works of charity, in love and obedience to God, the Lord of all life. All Saints stands ready to proclaim the Good News in word, sacrament, and service to all.

All Saints Church is yoked with St. Edward Church in Stafford Springs, CT.†Click here to link to the Saint Edward website.

If you know of anyone who is hospitalized or homebound and would like to receive the Eucharist, please contact the rectory office.

Father Roland C. Cloutier: Click for more info PARISH NEWS
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Through the cross of Christ we see Godís saving grace offered to all who believe. As Christians we bow and exalt the cross of Christ, looking up at it as a source of our salvation and the salvation of the world.

On Transitions

The yoking process puts us on the road to a transition which we did not ask for and which will probably force us to make a change to our schedules in the future. In the short term, since we have been given the grace of having and associate, we will not have to make any immediate changes to Mass schedules or other meeting schedules. In the longer term, however, we must be mentally prepared for what may come our way.

Transitions are not new to any of us. They are part of human life. The only time we stop changing is after death. Look at the pictures of your children from birth to now, or look at the pictures of your wedding and the photo of the two of you now and marvel at the change in appearance. Since we see ourselves day after day we donít really see the subtle changes that take place in our life. But when we meet someone we have not seen in five or ten years they notice the change in us and we in them.

I always marvel when I see pictures of High School freshmen and then see their Senior pictures. What a change in just those four years. We go through a transition when we marry (or divorce), when the children are born, when they leave for college, when they, in turn, leave to marry. We go through a transition when we change jobs, or lose a job, or retire.

Transitions have been part of my priestly life since the beginning. I have been assigned to five different parishes as an associate before being named a pastor. In the role of pastor I spent 12 years in Norwich, 2 years at UCONN School of Social Work, 10 years in Hebron, 10 years in Putnam and now 4 years and counting in Somers. Now, at the age of 74, my Bishop has asked me to accept another change: to become pastor of two parishes, with a Catholic School and a cemetery. Change is what we humans do. How we deal with it makes all the difference.

The transition we are undertaking as a parish is like taking a journey from Boston to San Francisco by train rather than by plane. When we take a journey by plane we can get to our destination very quickly. We only have to sacrifice our freedom for personal space for several hours, and you donít get to move around much unless you have a weak bladder and then you pray that you donít have the window seat. And you hope that the person seated behind you doesnít have a knee protector to prevent your seat from reclining. The opportunity to meet and talk to many people is very limited on a plane.

The train takes a lot longer so instead of sacrificing some personal space you sacrifice some time. However, you do have more freedom to move around at will. You can go to the dining car, go back to the Pullman and take a nap, spend some time in the snack car or lounge and you have the opportunity to meet and speak to your fellow passengers. By the time you arrive at your destination you have had the opportunity to get to know the people with whom you are traveling (transitioning).

This is now our task as the Parish of All Saints and the Parish of St. Edward the Confessor become one Parish community with two worship sites, one in Somers and one in Stafford Springs. We will need to journey by train together, getting to know one another and realizing that both communities will have to sacrifice something in order to make our journey like a beautiful and successful marriage.

St. Edward Parish has been an independent parish since 1868 and All Saints since 1888. We both have a long history of independence and now we must begin a new chapter in the history of our Parishes which will be an inter-dependence that can make us realize more fully the universality of our Catholic Faith.

Diocesan Guidelines require each Parish to retain independent Parish Councils and Finance Councils. The Parish Council members will need to meet on a regular basis to begin the process of getting to know one another and getting to the point of having to make some very difficult decisions that will require understanding and respect for one another.

There will eventually need to be changes to the Vigil and Sunday Mass schedule so that one of us can handle it if the other is sick or on vacation. The only other option, in this time of priestly shortages, is the cancellation of Masses.

Fr. Marty and I will be doing our best to minister to both communities by spending some time in both Parishes each week. We will continue to be available to you as much as time allows. Pray for the success of this transition so that the proclamation of the Word may continue to flourish in both communities.

~ Fr. Roland ~





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All Saints Catholic Church is a Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Norwich CT and is located in the Somersville section of the beautiful town of Somers, Connecticut. All are welcome to join us in worship as we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and may God bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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