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The Reverend Roland C. Cloutier Welcomes You to All Saints Catholic Church

All Saints Parish in Somersville, Connecticut is committed as a faith-filled community to meet the spiritual and temporal needs of those we encounter in all ministries of our faith. Through prayer, sacramental life and works of charity, in love and obedience to God, the Lord of all life. All Saints stands ready to proclaim the Good News in word, sacrament, and service to all.

If you know of anyone who is hospitalized or homebound and would like to receive the Eucharist, please contact the rectory office.

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This is the day we’ve been waiting and preparing for during Lent and Holy Week; a day of triumph and of resurrected life begun! As we have committed to strip ourselves of whatever keeps us from God, now, in the light of the dawn we can see clearly who Jesus really is and what he comes to give us in profound love. As we listen to the readings at Mass, we sing “Alleluia” along with the entire Christian world, past and present. Because we have entered into Jesus’ suffering, we now share in the joy. It’s a joy that we will continue to celebrate during the next fifty days - the time between Easter and Pentecost - called the “Easter Season”.



My dear sisters and brothers in the Lord, Alleluia! The Lord has risen! Let us rejoice and be glad!

May the joy of the Lord’s Resurrection fill your hearts, your lives, and your homes! In Jesus’ victory over sin and death, we are embraced by God’s love and raised up from our sinfulness to share Christ’s life. By the gift of His merciful love, our sins are forgiven; we are freed from selfish ambition and deadly pride.

From the Cross, Jesus opens wide His arms to unite us with His Sacrifice to the Father. In Jesus’ victory over the Cross, the Father recognizes our union with Jesus and He showers upon us the gift of new life in the forgiveness of our sins.

Our gracious God hears our pleas to live like His only begotten Son, that is, to live differently, to love without counting the cost, to overcome our fears and anxiety, to die to selfishness and sin, and to serve others. When we open our hearts to invite Jesus into our lives, we find the way that leads to new life and every aspect of our life is touched by Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead. Saint John Chrysostom, writes “All of creation, the admirable work of God, delights in the Resurrection of Christ; but humanity, made in `the image and likeness of God’ and to whom all creation was entrusted . . . delights in the Resurrection all the more.” Flowing from Jesus’ Resurrection, the gifts of new life are everywhere and through the Holy Spirit we receive them and we are empowered to share these gifts with others.

We have only to look at those occasions recorded in Sacred Scripture to know that each contact with the Risen Lord imparts the gift of new life. On each occasion, when the Risen Lord encounters Mary Magdalene, or when he meets those on the road to Emmaus, or when He appears to the Apostles, Jesus imparts confidence to quell fear, peace of mind and heart to overcome anxiety, certainty to conquer doubt, and love and mercy to conquer sin and death. In each encounter with the Risen Lord, lives are forever changed and by His merciful love even the sin of Peter’s denial is forgiven and so too are our sins forgiven.

Strengthened by our Lenten observance, we can overcome the forms of death brought about by indifference, gossip, prejudice, and selfishness, and, we can begin to live like Jesus, putting God and others first in our lives. In that way, God’s merciful love can be channeled through our kindness, respect, compassion, understanding, and, most of all, our love for others.

Today, like the first disciples, we must openly witness to the good news of Jesus’ Resurrection. We do so in our soup kitchens, food pantries, and our shelters, in providing housing for the homeless and care for the sick, the wounded, and the disabled. Through the Sacraments, sinners are forgiven and healed, and the new life Christ imparts to us is restored, nourished, and strengthened. Through prayer, we can seek the Lord’s help to aid those in need. Similarly, in everyday occurrences, in our schools and institutions, our hospitals, our places of work, and in our families, we have great opportunities to share with others the newness of life by witnessing to the Lord’s Resurrection from the dead.

“No part of our lives or our world is untouched by Jesus’ Resurrection; for this mysterious event is the complete victory of love, obedience, humility, and self-giving over the darkness of hatred, shame, sin, and despair. Even the once insurmountable obstacle of death is no more. Its power is destroyed in the response of God the Father – the raising of Jesus from the dead.” (Easter Meditation – author unknown)

Yes, it is true; Jesus truly has risen from the dead and, through Him, we share in the gift of new life. May Jesus’ Easter greeting of peace be seen in our lives and heard in our speech! May His peace abide with you and all whom you love! Happy Easter!

Sincerely yours in Christ, Michael R. Cote, Bishop of Norwich





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All Saints Catholic Church is a Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Norwich CT and is located in the Somersville section of the beautiful town of Somers, Connecticut. All are welcome to join us in worship as we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and may God bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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